DIY Chalkboard Wall

The first change in my room: a chalkboard wall!

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A couple of months ago I was scrolling through Pinterest (as any bored teenager would do) and came across chalkboard walls!  Chalkboard walls are a great way to personalize your room since you can literally write/draw anything on there! The first step in making a chalkboard wall is to decide which wall you would like to transform.  Some chalkboard walls I’ve seen have covered the whole room while others have covered one wall or a portion of a wall. I decided to transform a strip of wall next to my door as I wanted to paint the rest of my room a different color.

After you have chosen the area, the second step is to buy the chalkboard paint (remember to also get paint stirrers which are usually provided for free).  Chalkboard paint can be found in a variety of hardware-esque stores, like Lowes, Ace Hardware, and The Home Depot.  There are also a variety of brands out there that I’m sure would do a fabulous job; however, the paint I personally used was the Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint in Black from Ace Hardware.  This chalkboard paint was suggested by one of the employees there for having a major plus: a built in primer. A primer especially for a chalkboard wall is a must since this wall is going to be used much more than just a regular wall. Chalkboard paints also come in a variety of colors if you do not want to go for standard black like I did.

Now that the planning is out of the way, it’s time for the prepping! Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Ugh, prepping is the hardest, most time consuming part. And to that I would have to say.. I agree! .. Kind of.  It’s really not as hard as you think and does not take very long if you are prepared. The 6 supplies you will need for prepping are as follows:

1) Painting tarp

2) Painters tape (Get a good one! You don’t want paint leaking into places you don’t want it to!)

3) Putty knife or scraper

4) Plaster

5) Sandpaper

6) Damp cloth

First, cover the floor underneath the wall with the painting tarp.  This will prevent the paint from accidentally staining the floor.  Secure the tarp right up to the edge of the wall with some tape.  Next,  fix any holes or imperfections in the wall with the plaster.  After the plaster has dried completely, use the sandpaper to sand down the whole wall, including the plastered areas.  This will help the chalkboard paint grip to the wall better and last longer.  After sanding, wipe the wall clean of the wall dust with the damp cloth.  And now for the long awaited last step!  Use the painters tape to enclose the area you want to paint.  Don’t underestimate the power of painters tape 🙂 If done correctly, you will be left with clean lines and no paint leakage!

And with that you are at the last step and might I add, my favorite step.  Painting!  You will need a roller and a roller tray which can both be found at your nearest hardware store.  First, get your chalkboard paint and stir with a paint stirrer until it is blended well.  Pour an adequate amount of the paint into the roller tray and dip the roller in the paint, rolling back and forth, until the whole roller is covered.  Then just start painting! Using a zig-zag motion while painting is a preferred method, but honestly I don’t think it matters that much.  Once the first coat is done, wait for a certain amount of hours (specified on the paint’s instructions) to let dry.  Then paint a second coat of the chalkboard paint and this time let dry for at least 48 hours.  The final step is to condition the chalkboard.  You can do this by rubbing the side of a chalk on the entire painted surface and then wiping clean with a dry cloth.

And there you have it! A chalkboard wall ready for your crazy doodles, ‘To Do’ lists, and inspirational quotes! I hope you found this informative and inspiring and if you do end up doing this project, let me know how it went! And if you have any questions, ask away in the comment section! I will be happy to answer!